Mad Dogs

Every creative agency I’ve visited has to have at least one novelty relaxation station (air hockey, pinball, ping pong, Xbox, etc) to prove that they are totally laid back and really value a healthy work/play balance, and at least one dog.

I personally think these dogs are undervalued in their field, often working as unpaid interns for their entire lives, the only stipulation in their contract being a bed in the corner, and the occasional free lunch after a meeting lets out. What would happen if you let the four-legged strategists run the show?

Amanda Taylor at Florida State University wondered the same thing.


Back to School…

I haven’t been in a classroom since May of 2009. I’m excited and scared and all that, but more importantly, I’m shopping for a book bag. I was very tempted to finally invest in a Cambridge satchel or Filson briefcase, but came across this Acne Etna bag on The Outnet, on sale at 50% off.

/acne etna leather-trimmed duffle-bag/

I fell a little in love with this simple tote, and it actually suits my 9-to-5 plus night school lifestyle better than a more streamlined briefcase. It’s big enough to pack my books, lunch and a snack, plus the usual wallet, Kindle, dayplanner, five tubes of various lip-products, and two pens that may-or-may-not work.

Utilitarian enough to double as a small overnight bag, but stylish enough to not look completely out of place should I meet a friend after night-classes for a late dinner or drink. I’ll be wriggling in my seat at work for the next 3 days while I wait for the courier.


Americana, and the subsequent “can we play too?!” Canadiana trends are nothing new in style-blogging, but I will shamelessly get all up on the bandwagon for anything Hudsons Bay Company. I did not grow up in the Canadian east, spending cozy nights wrapped in a big itchy wool Bay blanket in a cottage by a wood-burning stove. My fondness for the Canadian iconic giant is strictly aesthetic (that’s what you’re here for, right?) and I have only the slightest amount of embarrassment admitting that. The brand-makeover the Bay is currently undergoing continues to impress me every time I visit their flagship store (which is often, because I walk past it twice daily to and from work).

I received this email from the Bay minutes ago anouncing their new FW2012 womens’ trench coat, and I am in love.

/hbc iconic trench/

I’m not guaranteeing I’ll invest, as I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect trench coat for the better part of a decade and thus far have not achieved perfection, but I’m certainly going to stop by and try it on. It would be the perfect fall little-sister to my long-coveted, finally-posessed Smythe HBC coat that I got last winter.

/smythe for hbc coat/

[Update] – The smallest size this coat comes in is a 4, and it runs fairly true-to-size. No HBC trench for me, but the quality is great and it’s a beautiful coat! I hope to see these out in the streets soon.

Black on White

I’ve lived in my current apartment for just under two years, and I’ve spent the entire time basically being on the verge of moving out. I snapped it up on a whim, because I had been in love with the building for as long as I can remember, and it seemed like a fun chance to have my first official-grown-up all-by-myself apartment downtown. I moved in quickly, and left the painfully awful paint job from previous tenants on my To Do list, assuming I’d paint come spring, when it was warm enough to leave the windows and doors open.

The Banff

/oh hello little apartment/

I’m currently waiting for the go-ahead (and, hopefully, some financial backing) from the building management for this undertaking, but I have had a lot of time (ahem) to think about this, and after toying with the idea of all white, all gray, gray accent walls, super dark gray accent walls, have I mentioned I don’t really like colour much at all in my apartment gray gray white gray, I have committed (pending approval) to this:

/white walls, black trim – via/

My apartment was blessed with beautiful molding, and it’s a crime to waste it. I think I will use a deep, smoky grey rather than actually black; black paint is far too stark and often glossy-looking, which I want to avoid.
black on white yo


shopbop – The World of Flats

I generally auto-delete most emails I receive from companies I’ve ordered designer clothing from in flush-months at work. As I am currently saving up to go back to school, the temptation is too great, and I am notorious for justifying necessities whenever my credit card bill reads $0 owing. In hazy waking hours I do, on occasion, forget to purge the onslaught of designer-mail in my inbox, leaving me to skim through them over my lunch break, when I am wide-eyed after 4 cups of coffee, and ready to absorb lookbooks and sale prices.

This lookbook from shopbop was waaaay to darling to pass up. It has tied together my two guiltiest pleasures – flat, menswear-inspired shoes, and vintage nicknacks, trinkets, and glassware (a third would be, arguably, discarding the two aforementioned items all over my apartment with great discord, but that’s another story). I flipped through these images, which remind me almost of a Scholastic “I Spy” book because you find something new to discover and covet each time you look, and couldn’t resist posting a few and picking out my must-haves.

/shopbop – the world of flats/

/jeffrey campbell – martini loafers/

Everybody has been either wearing or coveting studded loafers for the past year. These hit the mark for both wearability and price point.

/ferragamo – varina flats/

Not my pick, but the panther panting and Trigger figurine would settle into my apartment with ease.

/marc by marc jacobs – printed smoking slippers/

These shoes are almost too fun to wear. I’m having a hell of a time visualizing what outfit these could pair with, but if they’re within your budget and you’re a little more daring than I, they are nothing short of incredible. Worst case scenario, they look darling performing an Elvis-esque dance move in your vintage glassware, no?

/alexander wang – ruby monk strap oxfords/

These monk strap oxfords top my ~neeeed~ list from the whole collection of shoes. I’d only invest in the black (of course), but these are the kind of shoe you’ll be resoling for the rest of your life. They are classic and perfect, and it’s about time somebody put out a good pair of monk straps in a womens’ shoe. These shoes are wearable with jeans, trousers, a casual dress, to work, out for dinner, lying on your couch singing “Where The Boys Are” in menswear-inspired clothing…

Read on for the rest of my picks of the litter.

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The Art of Vogue Covers

I adore these vintage Vogue covers from The Art of Vogue. It’s not that I don’t appreciate modern magazine design, but I love the amount of thought and care put into these painted covers. The use of different fonts, and the progression to more abstract designs in the mid-20s fascinates me.

/august 1916/

/january 1921/

/july 1924/

/august 1926/

/august 1926/

/january 1926/

/july 1930/

(all images from _missmoss_)